Why every life/business advice might not work for YOU - Knowing your unique psychological blueprint

Since I became a life coach, I wrote a self-help book and 350+ articles on the topic of personal growth, and created multiple online courses and programs, but as much as I try to cover different perspectives in content tailored for mass audiences/readership, I can only give personalised advice and strategy to the clients I work in close proximity with and get to know their own unique psychological blueprint, challenges they are facing, and resources that they have at their disposal.

The same goes the other way around – it is of great importance when choosing a business strategy to implement, or a coach/mentor/expert to work with that we take into consideration our own psychological blueprint, as every life/business advice or strategy might not work for us. 

For example, being a Manifestor as per my Human Design profile, I noticed very early in my life and in my business (even before I even knew about Human Design) that my energy level fluctuates in cycles and that I experience burn out if I overwork during the ‘energy dip’ periods. Posting every day on different social media platforms, recording daily videos/podcast episodes, having 5 or 6 coaching calls per day, running intense five day events – like some other coaches in the industry, would not be a sustainable strategy for me (even though it might be ‘proven’ to work), as it would lead me to burn out very fast. Over the years, I realised that I need to create a business model that would work for me and ‘without me’ when my energy level ‘dips’. Automating repetitive tasks, scheduling only one coaching call per day, diversifying my income and creating multiple passive income streams, delegating and outsourcing have given me a whole new level of freedom and the ability to work, create content, and launch new offers when my energy level is up, and also made it possible for me to earn money even during the time when I’m not working.

Being an introvert, I used to find many common business strategies challenging – such as attending networking events, recording videos, doing numerous ‘sales calls’, posting on social media every single day… I realised very early on that these strategies would not be as effective for me, unless I implement them in a way that is aligned with my unique psychological blueprint. 

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Note: knowing our psychological blueprint should not confine us into boxes with labels, but help us to take aligned and inspired action steps and bring into awareness our strengths and potential challenges that we may be facing. 

I now attend online networking events on a regular basis, but I took the time to explore and find networking circles of people that I truly enjoy connecting and collaborating with. I prioritise building fewer but genuine relationships, connections, and partnerships with people that I resonate with, so that networking feels fulfilling to me rather than exhausting. When I started a podcast, I made a promise to myself that I would do interviews with people that I truly admire/ want to connect with, or learn from. I limited the number of coaching calls to one per day and 4-5 per week (max), and created multiple passive income streams so that my income is not entirely dependent on the number of clients that I’m working with. I automated link sharing on social media, which allowed me not to post every day and still have promotional content running in the background. I also love to create content in advance and schedule it during the times while I am traveling or intentionally taking time off work.  

While this business model works perfectly for me, for other people it might not and for them, it could work well to post every single day, to be on the calls constantly, to create content every day, to comment on other people’s posts throughout the day and engage in frequent conversations on social media…

Similarly, the ‘5 a.m. club’ morning routine does not work for me, as I’m not a ‘morning person’. I wake up late, and I do not schedule any calls or work tasks before 1 p.m. While that works best for me, some people are most productive if they wake early/ run/ exercise/ do the most important tasks/ have meetings – in the morning. 

Not to mention taking into consideration each person’s values, ‘pain tolerance’, ‘risk tolerance’, life stages, and unique challenges and limitations. 

I was shocked a long time back when one of my friends chose to wear dental braces and bear with the pain for two years, instead of a surgical procedure that she would completely recover from in two weeks. I would choose to end the pain and get the result as soon as possible, even if it would mean bearing the most excruciating pain after the surgery and not being able to eat for (only!) two weeks. Later on, after studying the human psyche more in depth, I learned that some people prefer to go through the intense short term pain in order to achieve massive transformation and fast(er) results, while other prefer to make small amount of effort and bear small amount of pain for a long(er) period of time. If you are the first type, you may be drawn to intense 8 week body transformation challenge, but if you’re the second type – you might prefer a less intense workout routine over a longer period of time.

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Similarly, depending on your level of risk tolerance, financial/ investing strategies that require speculative investments with higher profit potential might work for you if you have a high risk tolerance, but for the low risk tolerance person ‘safe long term investment’ might be the ‘right’ choice (anything with high risk potential could put this person’s nervous system into ‘frenzy’). 

For different people, being a successful entrepreneur could mean different things (based on their personal value system and innate desires), such as being able to live a ‘freedom lifestyle’; running a ‘multi-million dollar’ company; not having to manage a lot of employees; having a BIG company with hundreds/ thousands employees; or else. 

Having all these differences in mind, it is logical that not ‘every advice fits all’ – be it life advice, financial advice, mental/physical health advice, or business advice. Business/ marketing/ success strategy that would work for an extrovert/someone willing to take higher level of risk/ Manifestor Human Design profile person may not work (at all or very effectively) for an introvert/ Generator HD profile/ low risk taking person. 

If you have invested in a program/ mentorship/ expert advice/ coaching which did not work/ help you in the past, it was probably because the given strategy/ advice was not aligned with your unique psychological blueprint. If you are burnt out in your business, it is highly likely that your current business model does not align with your unique psychological blueprint.

In Ancient Greece, the philosopher Socrates stated that ‘the unexamined life was not worth living’, and that if all philosophical commandments could be reduced to one, it would be ‘Know Thyself’. 

If I could share just one advice for fulfilling life and career/ business, it would be: build your living and working environment/business in a way that aligns with you and your unique psychological blueprint, and hire the experts that can help YOU, understand YOU, and provide YOU the best strategy/advice that aligns with YOU.