METAMORPHOSIS* - Why you need a coach/ mentor who will challenge you, not 'validate' you

metamorphosis (latin): ‘a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one’.

A coach/ mentor’s major role is to help you to help facilitate a metamorphosis – transformation. In order to achieve the transformation, you will be required to break through your limiting beliefs, self-imposed ceilings and subconscious programming of what is (im)possible for you, take different, bold, massive action, strengthen your self-worth, and unlock the deeper core of your personal power.

Having a coach / mentor ‘validate’ you – giving you the pep-talk, telling you that ‘everything will be OK’, and acting as a sounding board to your limiting beliefs, worries, and complaints might make you feel ‘good’ about yourself at that given moment, but it is likely not going to help you + challenge you to transform, grow, and take your life/ career/ business to the next level. In order for a genuine transformation to occur, you need a coach who will challenge you, hold you in your personal power, and pinpoint to you all the ways you are holding yourself back, playing small, playing the ‘victim’, or ‘playing it safe’. 

Coaching or private mentorship is not a ‘motivational talk’ 1 on 1, or a ‘vent session’ (at least, not in my coaching practice!). I am very well aware that I cannot genuinely help my clients by telling them that ‘everything is going to be OK‘, as in order for things to be ‘OK’ for them, they need to change their mindset and their behavioral patterns, take different action steps, strengthen their self-worth, tweak/ change their strategy, and break through their income ceiling or any self-imposed subconscious fears or ceilings that they may have. 

If a coach/ mentor will not challenge your way of thinking, your beliefs, your current strategy or action steps that you are taking – how can you grow? If a coach is acting just as a sounding board for your problems, without providing you with a powerful strategy to overcome them and achieve a breakthrough, how can you change anything? How can you unlock your full potential and achieve the next level of success, if the only thing you get out of the coaching and mentoring process is ‘feeling good’? How can you achieve a metamorphosis, if a coach/ mentor keeps you feeling comfortable in your cocoon? Let’s be honest – change is scary, and more often than not – it does not ‘feel good’ during the process, but it makes you feel so much better, happier, and fulfilled, once you break the chains that hold you back and experience the level of success, growth, peace, empowerment, and freedom like never before.

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You may resonate more with a coach or a mentor who will push you to ‘crush your goals’, ‘burn the bridges’, and ‘go all in’, or with someone who will help you progressively grow, when you are ready for the next level. You may resonate more with someone who uses the specific set of tools, has an outlined framework and particular strategy to walk you through, or with someone who will ‘go with the flow’. You should always choose a mentor/ coach who resonates with you, but if you want to see tangible and powerful results, you need to work with someone who will challenge you, walk you through the process of transformation, and help you to get to the next level, and that’s not achieved by working with someone who is going to ‘lull’ you at the place where you are by giving you a ‘pep talk’. 

  • Is signing up for another course or coaching program with a coach who will (only) ‘validate’ you another way for you to keep ‘playing it safe’ and/or keep playing the ‘victim’, in order to confirm the story you keep telling to yourself to justify why you’re feeling stuck (‘I tried everything, but nothing ever worked…’)?
  • Do you want to be held in your current reality, or you want to transcend your current reality?
  • Do you want to work with someone who will ‘validate’ you, or hold you in your power?
  • Do you want to perpetuate the status quo, or you want to grow to the next level?
  • Do you only want to ‘boost’ your motivation, or you are looking for a real transformation?
  • Are you looking for a ‘vent session’, or a coaching/ mentoring session?

It might feel scary to face your limiting beliefs, to identify all the ways you’re ‘playing it safe’, to take the massive, bold, different action step(s), to change your behavioral patterns, and change the way you think, work, act, and carry yourself. To embody the bold confidence. To outgrow the person you are right now and evolve into a new version of yourself. To see your life and your business change radically in front of you in a relatively short amount of time. To shed the layers of the old snake skin. To break through the self-imposed ceilings. To truly witness how the internal change and massive action that YOU take has the power to ignite and initiate the level of change in your external reality that you never thought was possible. But, if you truly want to expand, change, transform, unlock your potential, and take your life/ career/ business to the next level – the courage to do what feels ‘scary’ will be required of you. 

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I am the right coach for you if you truly want the change and transformation, if you’re willing to take a massive/ potent/ impactful action for extraordinary growth, and work with someone who will hold you in your power to re-create, co-create, and metamorph your life.

Reach out to me for coaching, if you are ready to change and transcend your reality and transform and transmute whatever is holding you back and stuck.

Reach out to me for coaching, if your desire to change is so strong that you are willing to face the fear of change. 

Reach out to me for coaching if you’re willing to let go of social and cultural programming of how you should live your life and/or run your business, and you want to live your life boldly – on your own terms. 

Reach out to me for coaching if you desire to jump off the hamster wheel and work smarter – not harder. 

Reach out to me for coaching if you’re willing to dare something worthy, and you want to leave your mark in the world.

What could unfold for you if you would dare to challenge your current paradigm, enter into the Scorpio realm, and sign up for a real transformation? Metamorphosis. 

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