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Feel free to reach out if you have any inquiries, suggestions, or feedback. Me or member of my team will do our best to reply back promptly (Monday to Friday, during working hours).

Note: Prior to sending your inquiry, please refer first to the Frequently Asked Questions section below the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Give Corporate Trainings?

Yes! I’ve been coaching many CFOs and CEOs over the years, and I also give (currently via Zoom only) corporate workshops on the topics of work-life balance, women empowerment, confidence building, impostor syndrome, trust building, money mindset, and productivity.

Do You Give Motivational Speeches?

Yes! I give (paid) motivational speeches (currently via Zoom only) on the topics of self empowerment, women empowerment, increasing self worth, confidence building,  money mindset, reprogramming limiting beliefs and Law of Attraction, and building an online coaching business .

Would You Speak At Our Event/University?

Due to ongoing global circumstances, all my booked (live) speaking engagements are on hold. I’d consider (paid) online speaking events for corporations, online business communities, coaching academies, and Universities.

Would You Teach On Our Course Platform?

No. I appreciate the offer, but as I have to prioritise my time right now, I currently teach exclusively on online Life Coaching Academy ‘Ajna‘, which I co-founded with my mentor Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic, in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Would You participate In Our Summit?

Thank you for considering me! I appreciate the opportunity to get exposure to larger audience, but as I have to prioritise my time, I currently have to pass on virtual summit opportunities, conferences via Zoom, and similar events. 

How Much Do You Charge For..?

Please check out my coaching services page for detailed information. I currently charge 5 000 – 10000 US$ for 1 on 1 coaching programs. Pricing for speaking engagements may vary, depending of the size of the audience and time required.

Would You Write An Article For Us?

I love writing articles (I’ve written more 500 of them so far on different topics!), but currently, as I have to prioritise my time, I’d consider writing an article only for major international magazines and platforms with 1 million+ audience. 

Can We Have An Interview With You?

Feel free to reach out with your interview proposal. I’d consider an e-mail interview (for a magazine with a larger audience) with questions centred around self development, life coaching, money mindset, increasing confidence and self worth.

Would You Appear On Our TV Show?

Due to ongoing global circumstances, for the time being, I am not open for TV or radio guest appearances. If you would like to feature me, and you are in Delhi NCR (India), feel free to reach out with a proposal in the future.

can I Interview You For My Podcast?

I appreciate the opportunity to get exposure to larger audience, but as I have to prioritise my time, I have to pass on the podcast interview opportunities right now. 

Would You Write A Guest Blog Post?

I appreciate the opportunity to get exposure to larger audience, but as I have to prioritise my time, I currently only write posts for my own blog.

Would You be Our Affiliate Partner?

Thank you for considering me, but I am not interested in affiliate partnerships right now, regardless of how amazing your product, program, or software is.

Would You Publish My/Our Guest Post?

No. I only publish on this website my own content, on the blog. All the content on the blog and on my social media platforms and channels is curated by me, and I would not consider publishing or promoting other people’s content. 

Gdje Mogu Kupiti Vašu Knjigu?

Moju knjigu “Ja Vrijedim ” možete kupiti na bosanskom jeziku, (za sada samo) u elektronskoj formi, klikom na ovaj link, ili na Google Books.  Knjigu u Kindle i printanom izdanju na engleskom jeziku možete kupiti na Amazonu.

Nudite Li Life Coach Certifikaciju ?

Da! Moja mentorica, Vanja Beukelman Pavovic, i ja osnovale smo online Life Coaching Akademiju ‘Ajna‘ u Rotterdam-u, Holandiji, u sklopu koje nudimo online program certifikacije za Life Coach-a. Možete pročitati više o programu klikom na ovaj link.