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Feel free to reach out for any questions about life coaching sessions, motivational speaking proposals, interview proposals, or business related inquiries via e-mail contact@danijelajokicvaislay.com or by filling the contact form below. 

Note: Prior to sending your inquiry, please refer first to the Frequently Asked Questions section below the contact form. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

You can read more information about working with me and booking online life coaching sessions with me on my life coaching services page. I offer online life coaching sessions in English and Bosnian/ Croatian/ Serbian language. I also host online workshops in Bosnian/ Croatian/ Serbian language (if that is something you would be interested in attending, please reach out the me for the inqury about the next workshop date). 

You can order my book ‘Self Worth – Women’s Guide To Increasing Self Worth, Self Respect, and Self Confidence’ on Amazon in Kindle and papaerback format (in English) and in my native language (‘JA VRIJEDIM – Vodič za žene za uvećanje osjećaja sopstvene vrijednosti, samopoštovanja i samopouzdanja’) in digital format here, and on Google Books.  

Feel free to reach out with an interview proposal. If your magazine or show is uplifting, inspiring, and aligned with my mission and my values, I would love to do an interview with you, either live (if I am traveling to the given location) or via e-mail or Zoom.

I love writing articles (I’ve written more 500 of them so far on different topics!). If your magazine or platform is uplifting, inspiring, and aligned with my mission and my values, I would consider writing an article on the topics related to my professional niche, in English or Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian language.

If the topic of the online summit/ conference/ mastermind and the audience attending the summit/ conference/ mastermind are the right fit for me, I’d be honored to participate as one of the speakers, teachers, or coaches. Feel free to reach out to me with a proposal and information about the online summit/ conference/ mastermind that you are organizing.

As much as I appreciate the offer, I only publish blog posts that I personally write, on my blog and on this website. Please do not send me guest blog post content and offers.

I appreciate your trust in having me as one of the course instructors on your learning platform, but I am currently not interested in publishing any of my existing or creating new online courses for any learning platforms. 

Da! Moja mentorica, Vanja Beukelman Pavlović, i ja osnovale smo online Life Coaching Akademiju ‘Ajna’ u Rotterdam-u, Holandiji, u sklopu koje nudimo online program certifikacije za Life Coach-a. Možete pročitati više o programu klikom na ovaj link.

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