Danijela Jokic Vaislay

Danijela’s advice on success, mindset, and life transformation has been featured in:



300+ published articles on the topic of personal growth in multiple languages

300 + Articles

cosmopolitan SERBIA

20 articles

On the topic of success, happiness, and insreasing self confidence.

Published  on www.cosmopolitan.rs in 2016. and 2017.

sensa magazine

Articles published in Serbian printed editions and online magazine.

Interviews for the Croatian editions in November 2021. and April 2022.

the ladies coach

16 articles

Advice on happiness, success, increasing self worth and confidence.

Danijela’s work has inspired hundreds of  our ladies to take action in different areas of their life!” (Christal Fuentes, the founder of The Ladies Coach)

‘Talk. Listen.Change’ podcast mention.


Kreni Zdravo (200+ ARTICLES)

THE HUFFPOST, TIMES OF INDIA, The Inspired Coach, Personal Growth, Tiny Buddha, Mike Dooley’s TUT.COM, Reclaiming Zen



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Would You Write An Article For Us?

I love writing articles (I’ve written more 500 of them so far on different topics!). If your magazine or platform is uplifting, inspiring, and aligned with my mission and my values, I would consider writing an article or a post on the topics related to my life coaching niche.

Can We Have An Interview With You?

Feel free to reach out with your interview proposal. I’d consider an interview via e-mail, or via Zoom, with the questions on the topics of self development, success, mindset, online business, motivational speaking, the power of subconscious mind, life coaching…

can I Interview You For My Podcast?

Feel free to reach out with a podcast interview proposal. I’d consider an interview with the questions centred around self development, success, mindset, online business, life coaching, motivational speaking, achieving goals and making positive life changes.

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Get In Touch for an interview

Feel free to reach out with your interview proposal or an article idea. I’d consider doing an interview via e-mail, or Zoom. For live podcast, radio, or TV interviews, please reach out to check my current location and availability on the suggested date (as I happen to travel a lot).

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