Why someone should buy from/ follow/ hire YOU - Becoming ICONic and discovering your ‘Uranus Factor’

We can hear/ read a lot nowadays about the importance of building a personal brand, and it makes perfect sense as our authentic personality traits, life and professional lessons, personal story, and acquired skill set + plethora of experiences is what makes us unique. There can be many other coaches/ healers/ service providers, but there is only one YOU with your unique personal story/ plethora of experiences/ psychological blueprint/ human design blueprint/ astrological blueprint. If you want to stand out among thousands/ tens of thousands/ millions of other people/ experts/ coaches/ healers/ content creators online, it is logical that you would want to leverage your unique psychological blueprint, authentic self-expression, and ‘eccentric magnetism’ (I call it Uranus Factor – Uranus is seen as ‘eccentric’ planet in astrology, and its placement in our birth chart reveals what we are going to be ‘eccentric’ and ‘revolutionise’, disrupt, trail-blaze – do something in our own unique way).

Ironically, though, there aren’t too many people that genuinely stand out online – with their authentic self-expression/ message/ thought leadership/ skillset mastery/ content based on captivating personal and professional achievements and experiences. innovative ideas/ unique perspectives… I believe that is due to many people struggling with the impostor syndrome, low self-confidence, fear of being ‘visible’, fear of saying something different, fear of being criticised, fear of challenging ‘unpopular opinions’… 

Some people actually have nothing ‘different’ or unique to say they only regurgitate the same information they read on the internet or learned from other experts/ coaches/ mentors.. Not to mention lack of embodiment and integrity if someone lacks the experience, practice, mentorship, and integration of the knowledge learned. Lot of of the people hide behind ‘safe’, known, tailored to masses, regurgitated, and ‘popular’ message /advice/ AI generated content. Hence, people post generic, boring, regurgitated stuff and hope that they would stand out and get more clients/ customers/ business (?!).

If you are not standing out online/in your industry, there is probably nothing that stands out about YOU. There is nothing that makes us want to buy from YOU, hire YOU, follow YOU, or binge read/listen/watch YOUR content. Why would someone pay (more money) to YOU, chose/ hire/ follow/ work with YOU – if there is nothing special, different, extraordinary, and unique about YOU?

Make us notice YOU. Make us remember YOU. Make us resonate with YOU and your story. Impress us with your knowledge, your unique thought leadership, innovative ideas, captivating vision, your authentic message, voice, personality, life and business lessons you’ve learned, things you have overcome/ achieved/ created/ changed…

Build an iconic brand. Be ICONic. Make us want to pay you, DM you, work with you, rush for the credit card, binge your content, buy everything you sell, learn everything you teach, hear everything you have to say.

Invest in coaching/ mentoring/ experiences that can expand you and elevate you to the next level where only few have reached – and tell us the story.

Analyse the Uranus placement in birth chart, as well as major astrological placements (Sun, Moon, Ascendant) that build your unique astrological and psychological blueprint – your innate gifts and magnetic communication/ branding style.

Contemplate on what is unique, rememberable, remarkable, exceptional about you? What is your Uranus Factor?

If you want to discover how to stand out among other experts/ coaches/ healers/ content creators online, and learn how the major astrological placements in your birth chart (your unique energetic/ cosmic blueprint) can give magnetic power to your content/ (marketing) message, sign up for my upcoming FREE masterclass ‘URANUS FACTOR – HOW TO STAND OUT ONLINE AND CREATE ATTENTION WORTHY CONTENT’