How money mindset work helped me to increase my income and become magnet for abundance

Although I was very good at helping people to transform their lives as a life coach, I was under-earning in the beginning of my coaching journey (I became a life coach in 2015.), so I decided to sign up for a business coaching program. I learned from a business coach about the ‘money mindset’ work, and once I started working on my money mindset I realised that growing up in the midst of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina has left a lot of scarcity beliefs about money and money traumas – which were holding me back in earning and receiving more money. When I started working on my money mindset, in 2017, I earned more money in one month than I used to earn in a year.

While reading 100 books about money (to increase my knowledge about the money and finances ) I learned about the importance of multiple and passive income streams. In 2020, I started adding passive income offers (digital books and online courses) in my coaching work and my income grew 20x the following year. Passive income streams gave me the next level of freedom that I had never experienced before – I started earning money while I was watching Netflix, sleeping, or traveling. 

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The money mindset work that I have done over the years has paid off abundantly, but I have to note that money mindset work I’ve done over the years was not just about identifying and reprogramming limiting beliefs about money. It was also not (just) chanting affirmations, meditating, or being in ‘high vibe’ state (although I have tried that too, lol).

I worked a lot on strengthening my self worth, increasing my financial IQ (I read 100 books about money and enrolled in various business coaching programs to learn more about business strategy, selling and marketing), and creating multiple and passive income streams in order to increase my capacity to receive.

All the steps I have taken made it possible for me to experience abundance on so many levels, including having more free time. Being able to slow down so that I can take better care of my health last year and afford the best supplements, healthy food, acupuncture treatments, SPA treatments, et al. Donating to the causes I care about. Delegating, automating, or outsourcing things that drain me. Not having any client calls on Monday, so that I can spend a full day shopping with my mom. Having one of the most profitable months while I was on vacation, thanks to the recurring and passive income streams. Gifting my husband dividend paying stocks for his birthday. 

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I made it my mission is to help other coaches and spiritual business owners to experience this level of abundance. If you want to transform your money story, live your most abundant life, and grow your coaching/ spiritual business with passive and multiple income streams – my work is for you. If you are a coach and you want to embark on your money mindset journey, click here to download the ‘Money Mindset & Multiple Income Streams Workbook’.