How I cut down my work hours in half - while my income keeps increasing

Since the early days in my coaching practice I incorporated every single practice that could help me to set up good systems in place, simplify, and get the maximum output of the energy and time I invested (repurposing the content, collaborating with magazines and web portals with large audience, creating multiple passive income streams, planning and scheduling, using reminders, calendars…). Of course, during particular days, such as when I’m launching a book, a new online course or a program, I work more, but afterward things naturally go back to ‘normal’. 

I created a ‘working system’ for myself that was sustainable and allowed me to sleep late in the morning (I am a ‘night owl’, lol) and travel a lot. I invested a lot of time and money in coaching programs and reading books, in order to learn the best strategies and business practices. I also worked a lot on my money mindset, and thanks to the mindset shifts that I had around money, in 2017. I was able to earn in one month more than what I used to earn in a year.

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Once I created multiple passive income streams in 2020. I was able to ‘afford’ to slow down even more, and I hired a V.A. My ‘system’ was working well for me for years, but in 2021. likely due to high pollution level in Delhi (India), where I am currently based, I started contracting recurring respiratory infections, which were not only painful and exhausting, but also leaving me without my working tool – voice. I had to start cancelling coaching calls, and I had to slow down, in order to recuperate. Due to poor health, I could not work for weeks, and once I would recover, there would be so much on my plate, that I would burn out very fast. I knew then that I had to slow down even more and make some drastic changes, as my usual working routine was no longer sustainable with the low energy levels that I had.

Luckily, this happened at the time when I had already built multiple passive income streams, and I could ‘afford’ to slow down, but in order to avoid experiencing an income dip, and be able to devote more time to rest and take care of my health, I knew I had to start working even more ‘smarter’ and automate, delegate, and eliminate anything that I could.

I closed down one online program that I was running, as well as the membership, and switched my focus to delivering more online workshops, which were bringing in more revenue, but demanded much less of my time and energy.

I wrote down all the tasks that were ‘draining’ me energetically, and started finding ways to either delegate/outsource, eliminate, or automate them.

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I automated A LOT of repetitive, boring tasks, which were draining me, and taking a lot of my time. I love writing, and that I am not willing to delegate that, lol, but when it comes to other repetitive and ‘boring’ tasks – I love to leverage modern technology as much as I can.

Another thing that I believed really helped me in the process was working on my money mindset – adopting beliefs that I do not need to ‘work hard(er)’ to earn more money, that I can earn money even while not working if I can find ways to provide (more) VALUE. I firmly believe that if I had not worked on my mindset prior to making all the changes that I had made, they would not produce (significant) results.

Thanks to all the changes that I’ve implemented, I was able to cut down my work hours in half, while my income keeps increasing. Time that I used to spend working prior during the week days, I now spend for daily walks with my husband, reading books, attending acupuncture sessions, and taking care of my health. Since I’ve been taking more rest, in the space of ‘void’ I also experienced that I now get the best creative ideas for articles, content, and programs. With the help of acupuncture and Ayurvedic remedies, I’m feeling much better now. On that note, we should always have in mind that health is our greatest wealth.