I'm Danijela Jokic Vaislay

[Dʌniyelʌ Yokitʃ Veslei]


India, Delhi

fav. authors

Joe Vitale, Deepak Chopra

love to watch

Netflix, Wuxia, Fantasy

fav. music

Chill, Lounge


Vegetarian, Organic


Writing, Vedic Astrology

loving lately...

audible subscription

Marie Kondo

i am low waste lifestyle advocate and vegetarian. i am in love with these (coconut crust) bowls. 

get to know me

Interesting Facts About Me

i am...


Since my early twenties. I started vegetarian blog in 2011. which went ‘viral’ + lead to my (previous) career as a freelance writer.


To an Indian man, for 10 years. He is the reason why I moved to India in 2014. We met in Bosnia, in my home town, where he worked as expat.

An Advocate

For sustainability and zero/low waste lifestyle.  I also believe that with our $ we can make a difference and practice conscious consumerism.


Native – Bosnian /Croatian/ Serbian. I speak English, love Spanish, understand some Hindi (never dared to learn the script though – LOL).

What Others Are Saying?


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