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I'm Danijela Jokic Vaislay

[My name is pronounced as Dʌniyelʌ Yokitʃ Veslei]

I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I’ve been living in Delhi, India since 2014.

I am a Life Coach, specialised in helping women to increase self worth and reprogram their limiting beliefs:

  • I’m an author of the book ‘Ja Vrijedim‘ (Self Worth) and creator of Self Worth Coaching method;
  • My mission is to help women who are struggling with low self worth, poor boundaries, and impostor syndrome to reprogram their limiting beliefs of unworthiness, build self confidence, set healthy boundaries, and start feeling and acting like a high value woman.
  • I am the author of 300+ articles on personal growth, in multiple languages. My advice on increasing confidence and self worth and reprogramming mindset has been featured in COSMOPOLITAN, TIMES OF INDIA, SENSA, etc.
  • I am co-founder of Online Life Coaching Academy Ajna, and online magazine Sretna Žena.

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India, Delhi

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Joe Vitale, Deepak Chopra

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Netflix, Wuxia, Fantasy

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Chill, Lounge


Vegetarian, Organic


Writing, Vedic Astrology

My Story

From Depressed College Drop Out To Internationally Renowned Coach

I was struggling with low self worth and had low confidence for two decades of my life. That lead to multiple heartbreaks, depression, and burn out, that took a toll on my health. Although I was ‘top student’, I hit the rock bottom in 2009., when I had to drop out of Medical College, as I could no longer study due to poor health.

That was the time when I dived into spirituality and self development. After doing a lot of inner work, I met my husband, enrolled into Journalism college (I hold a bachelor degree), and  built a career as a freelance writer. Over the years, I felt deeply called to help other women who are at the same place where I was, so I became a Life Coach in 2015. Working with hundreds of women, from four continents, I came to realisation how the root cause of every of my client’s problems (as well as previously mine!) was low self worth, backed by limiting beliefs.

Once I started building my coaching, I myself came to realisation I had a lot of limiting beliefs about money, mainly so as I was growing up in the midst of the war, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’ve spent years working on reprogramming my money mindset, and consequently, my business has been thriving since, and my income exponentially increasing. It still amazes me how much our reality is shaped by our beliefs and what we feel that we deserve (on a subconscious level)! 

My mission is to help other women:

  • Increase their self worth
  • Reprogram their limiting beliefs around their deservingness and money
  • Feel and act like a high value woman
  • Make a positive impact in the world with their gifts, by removing impostor syndrome out of their way

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Low Waste Incense

Marie Kondo

i am low waste lifestyle advocate and vegetarian. i am in love with these (coconut crust) bowls. 

Sustainable Jewellery

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Interesting Facts About Me

i am...


Since my early twenties. I started vegetarian blog in 2011. which went ‘viral’ + lead to my (previous) career as a freelance writer.


To an Indian man, for 10 year. He is the reason why I moved to India in 2014. We met in Bosnia, in my home town, where he worked as expat.

An Advocate

For sustainability and zero/low waste lifestyle.  I also believe that with our $ we can make a difference and practice conscious consumerism.


Native – Bosnian /Croatian/ Serbian. I speak English, love Spanish, understand some Hindi (never dared to learn the script though).

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