One of the first things I did after obtaining my Life Coach certification in 2015, was finding a mentor. Having Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic as a mentor from the first day in my coaching business – till this day has been priceless, and investing in mentorship over the years was one of the best decisions that I’ve made.

She helped me to avoid the beginner’s mistakes.

She helped me to ‘master my craft’.

She has been supporting me every step of the way.

She keeps on reminding me on the importance of staying in my authentic truth and integrity.

At the same time, she is a genuine inspiration and a role model to me for what is possible. 

I’ve had the same mentor for 8 years and even though I signed up for coaching and mentoring with other coaches/mentors that I admire over the years, the relationship I have with her has been constant, ever lasting, and ever evolving. Learning from her and being supported and guided by her over the years has been one of the fundamentals for the success that I’ve achieved.

Extraordinary success is achieved through the commitment to self mastery, skill mastery, and mindset mastery. Having a mentor, coach, support, and expert advice along the way gives you the cutting edge and ability to navigate, ascend, transcend, and transform and up-level fast(er). 

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Reading ‘5 tips to success’ on Instagram, signing up for another freebie, Google searching the answers to your problems and implementing generalised strategies may help you to a certain degree, but at the turtle speed and at the cost of learning through your own mistakes, setbacks due to self sabotage (as it can be very difficult to notice your subconscious limiting patterns), generic strategies backfiring if they are not aligned to your own unique psychological blueprint, and time wasted in ‘figuring things out’ on your own.

If only obtaining the generic information was essential for success, anyone reading an article/Instagram post/free PDF guide titled ‘5 steps to success’, ‘X steps to your ideal weight’, or ‘how to hit 10K month as a coach/_______’ would “succeed” – but we all know that this goes much deeper than just reading the ‘how to’ advice intended for a generalised audience. 

Having a coach/mentor/expert help gives you not only the blueprint for success, but also distilled wisdom, the accountability, proximity, of an actual human being that can answer your questions and transfer to you years/decades of the valuable experience, warn you about the beginner’s mistakes, and provide you with personalised advice/strategy/guidance tailored to your unique psychosocial blueprint and challenges you are facing.

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