self love requires SELF VALUE - How low self worth leads to 'treating ourselves cheap'

Many women say that they ‘love themselves’ and that their health is #1 priority, but at the same time:

  • They neglect their health: eat junk and unhealthy food, walk in shoes that cause blisters and pain, skip the exercise, use poor quality cosmetic products…
  • Put themselves last in the priority list, procrastinate on their goals, suppress their desires and needs, tolerate disrespectful behavior from others, maintain poor boundaries in the relationships.
  • Invest in designer items to compensate the feelings of unworthiness and make them look good in the eyes of others, while at the same time state that they have no money to invest in coaching, mentorship, therapy, domestic help, or wellness.
  • Complain about the job they hate, while at the same time hesitate to invest in business coaching, mindset coaching, mentorship, money mindset, and increasing their financial IQ – that can help them break free from ‘needing a job’ by making smart investments and/or building/scaling their business.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in buying designer items or going on Insta-worthy luxury vacation, unless we prioritise them to look ‘rich’ on social media, look good in the eyes of others, to compensate for our low self worth, as a way of escapism from our ‘everyday life’, or at the expense of our health and overall wellbeing. 

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Understandably, in case of a tight budget we might not be in position to afford the best quality and most expensive skin treatments or cosmetic products, high end massages, or domestic help, but regardless of our financial circumstances, we can always choose to prioritise what truly matters to us and be resourceful – it comes down to the if we genuinely love ourselves and how true we are to our innate desires and values.

I’ve been saying for over 10 years now that I would rather have one bag and one pair of shoes, but eat healthy, buy good quality natural skin products, have a maid, and invest in self development, coaching and mentorship. Even when I was really tight with money, I would buy avocados from 2nd class shelf, and organic quinoa on ‘expiring soon’ shelf (at 70% discount) and eat organic, healthy food that I love regardless of my financial situation.

Self love is not just hot bath and masks – it goes much deeper than that. Self worth is the foundation of genuine self love, as when we VALUE ourselves we treat ourselves with respect, with class, with grace, and prioritise our health, our desires, our dreams, our boundaries, and our wellbeing. We make self honouring choices.

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Money is the symbol of value exchange – where we invest our money shows what we VALUE. If you treat yourself cheap, you are on a conscious and subconscious level demonstrating that you do not VALUE yourself enough. 

If you struggle to sign ‘high ticket’ clients, or to sell your offers/services (and feel like people do not seem to see the value in what you’re offering) ask yourself how much you VALUE YOUrself and is your self worth a match for the prices that you want to charge? 

On a subconscious and energetic level, if you treat yourself ‘cheap’ – you will repel  ‘high ticket’ clients and attract the ‘cheap’ ones – who will not respect your boundaries, bargain all the time, or not value your work enough (as that’s what you’re projecting). 

Take a look at your expense’s spreadsheet. Your investments will show what you truly value. How much do you value yourself (invest in YOUrself) and what do you truly prioritise in your life? Numbers don’t lie.

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