'Danijela helped me to Overcome Self Doubt, reprogram limiting beliefs, and achieve my dream!'

Anđela Sudžukovic, Women Empowerment Coach (Slovenia)


What they are Saying

Client Testimonial

Josipa K. Singh, Life and Success Coach, Norway

“Danijela is an amazing life coach who invests her whole being into into coaching relationship. I was so confused about what do to in life and she helped me to decide and choose super exciting life coaching academy program, which I immensely enjoyed studying. The coaching relationship with her was true and honest, and I was always supported. She replies e-mails extra quickly and provides a great support! She gently guided me towards my desired goals!”

I was skeptical as to how effectively a life coach could help me?!

"I was skeptical as to how effectively a life coach could help me. I was not sure how I could trust someone who doesn't know me to break my habits, and help me with reframing and removing my self limiting beliefs. Danijela, you helped me make the changes that I didn't know I had to make and you did it with love. I didn't know I was imprisoning myself and harvesting poison. With your kindness but firm techniques, with tools and reassurances, I managed to find a new level of contentment. I made room for things that really matter to me and as a result I have now started to realise my dreams and enjoy my children a lot more. I also realised that people can look after themselves if I have to turn my back on them or say NO! to them. I didn't realised that life coaching with Danijela would be one of the best investment gifts for myself. I am truly blessed to have stumbled into her. She made me light. I am attracted to good fortune, calm, and abundance around me. Thank you Danijela!"
H. Taib-Walker
CEO, brunei
words of praise

Words of Praise

Christal Fuentes, Founder Of The Ladies Coach

‘Danijela’s work has inspired hundreds of  our ladies (in TLC community) to take action in different areas of their life. She truly has a way of relating to women from all over the world with her personal stories and practical advice. We are so honoured to have a woman who actually LIVES her teaching as one of the authors. It’s rare that you meet someone who has a genuine sense of service like Danijela!’


Danijela has a great power to motivate and "enlighten" people

“Danijela’s coaching style is especially enriched by her vast personal growth knowledge and so much wisdom she gained while living in India, the biggest source of spirituality. Danijela has a great power to INSPIRE and HELP her coaching clients, and also to motivate and “enlighten” people. After our motivational speech in Rotterdam, many people have approached me telling me how her words and her advice has completely changed their perspective on life!”

- Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic,
Life Coach

Words of Praise

Lata Dasila Singh, Founder Of MEQ Academy

‘2017. ended with a bang, when I started giving workshops and working with Danijela. She is an amazing coach, who can motivate, inspire, uplift and help her clients at different stages in their life and career. She also has the power to motivate and inspire fellow coaches, like me! 

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