"If you want to live your dreams and not just dream them,

Danijela JokiC Vaislay Life Coach has excellent advice for you"

(‘Ukoliko želite da živite svoje snove, a ne samo da ih sanjate, Danijela Jokić Vaislay Life Coach ima za vas odlične savete’)

- cosmopolitan SERBIA

"Danijela’s work has inspired hundreds of  our ladies to take action in different areas of their life. She truly has a way of relating to women from all over the world with her personal stories and practical advice.

'I was skeptical as to how effectively a life coach could help me!

“I was skeptical as to how effectively a life coach could help me. I was not sure how I could trust someone who doesn’t know me to break my habits, and help me with reframing and removing my self limiting beliefs. Danijela, you helped me make the changes that I didn’t know I had to make and you did it with love. I didn’t know I was imprisoning myself and harvesting poison. With your kindness but firm techniques, with tools and reassurances, I managed to find a new level of contentment. I made room for things that really matter to me and as a result I have now started to realise my dreams and enjoy my children a lot more. I also realised that people can look after themselves if I have to turn my back on them or say ‘NO’ to them. I didn’t realised that life coaching with Danijela would be one of the best investment gifts for myself. I am truly blessed to have stumbled into her. She made me light. I am attracted to good fortune, calm, and abundance around me.”

- H. Taib-Walker, CEo (Brunei), 'Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives' ACES AWARD winner

"I ACHIEVED EVERY SINGLE THING FROM MY VISION BOARD! - Seven months prior [to coaching], I was feeling lost and confused. Danijela helped me to transform my life and achieve my dream. Danijela helped me to overcome my limiting beliefs and bring into the awareness how my early childhood experiences have affected my life, self worth, and relationships. I did not know that I would get so much from life coaching, and even improve my overall health as a result. Even if I had invested double the amount of money that I did, it would have been worth it! I wholeheartedly recommend working with Danijela!"

'danijela was the only expert who could help me with boosting my confidence!'

“I was trying to solve a problem with lack of self-confidence for many years, with different techniques and people, but without true success. Danijela was the only expert who had the right approach and techniques that helped me!”

- sandra crnkovic, financial expert (Croatia)

"Danijela has an expertise to recognize someone's potential and help them to utilise it and achieve breakthroughs. Coaching sessions with Danijela always resulted in me packaging the old content that was stored in my computer into an online program that will serve and help others to achieve their goals, and become a passive income stream for me. Danijela's advice helped me to get unstuck from the 'frozen' phase, when I was giving so much, and had no results. Having Danijela as a coach was priceless to me, as she saw me with an open mind and child's curiosity, without any judgement, and only with a burning desire to explore my hidden potential, and earning potential of all the old content that I had stored, forgotten, and neglected in my computer.  I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Danijela!"

"Danijela gently guided me towards my desired goals"

“Danijela is an amazing life coach who invests her whole being into into coaching relationship. I was so confused about what do to in life and she helped me to decide and choose super exciting life coaching academy program, which I immensely enjoyed studying. The coaching relationship with her was true and honest, and I was always supported. She replies e-mails extra quickly and provides a great support! She gently guided me towards my desired goals!”

Josipa K. Singh, University Lecturer and Coach (Norway)

'2017. ended with a bang when I started giving workshops and speeches with Danijela. She is an amazing life coach, who can motivate, inspire, uplift and help people at different stages in their life and career.'

'Danijela has tremendous power to motivate and empower people!'

“Danijela’s coaching style is especially enriched by her vast personal growth knowledge and wisdom she obtained while living in the most spiritual country – India. Danijela has a great power to INSPIRE and HELP her coaching clients, and also to motivate and empower people in the audience. When we gave a motivational speech together in Rotterdam, many people have approached me afterwards telling me how her words and advice uplifted, inspired, and empowered them and completely changed their perspective on life!”

- vanja beukelman pavlovic, life coach (netherlands)

..."life coaching sessions helped me to believe in myself [and] my decisions..."

“Why I joined life coaching sessions with Vanja and Danijela? Their coaching group is a wonderful place where we were received with respect. By coaching us on topics that are sensitized to our needs and feelings, Vanja and Danijela help us to focus on ourselves, to pay attention to ourselves, because attention is one of the basic needs, value ourselves more, and help us realize how wonderful relationships can be and help us to let go of relationships that give us false security and in which we are not truly fulfilled. For me personally, these life coaching sessions helped me to believe in myself, my decisions and feelings, realize that I am responsible for myself, and to keep my focus – on expansion. I’d recommend Danijela’s book ‘Self Worth’ to every woman out there! This book gives you the possibility of returning to the wholeness of your dignity as a human being, when you discover how worthy you are. Then, as a self-conscious individuals, we can focus on building better relationships and being fabulous creators. I wish I had read this book when I was younger. It would have helped me to avoid being taken advantage of by others and love and value myself more!”  

Sanela Rakeljic, (Croatia)

"Danijela helped me to put the goals I had on the paper and write down an action plan to achive them!"

- Susan Williams-Goebber, Blogger (Germany)