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would you like to...

  • Reprogram Subconscious Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back and Stuck?
  • Increase Your Self Worth and Self Confidence?
  • Reprogram Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back?
  • Achieve Your Goals, Simplify Your Life, and Reduce Stress?
  • Overcome Self Doubt, Perfectionism, and The Impostor Syndrome?
  • Go trough the process of deep self discovery and self growth?
  • Make positive changes in your life?

If the Answer Is  YES, This Life Coaching Program Can Help You!

Working with a life coach can help you not only to achieve your goals, but also to improve your overall well-being, resilience, and reduce stress, anxiety and depression (as confirmed in rigorous Psychology research studies, performed by Anthony Grant, Ph.D. director of the Coaching Psychology Unit of the School of Psychology, University of Sydney).

How Can I Help You?

Hi, I'm Danijela Jokic Vaislay

Life Coach, author of ‘Self Worth’ book and 300+ articles on personal growth, published in multiple languages and magazines (such as COSMOPOLITAN, SENSA, TIMES OF INDIA, et. al.).

While coaching hundreds of women from four continents over the years, I discovered that the major root cause of all of my client’s problems was low self worth, rooted in subconscious limiting beliefs. That inspired me to write the book ‘Self Worth – Women’s Guide To Increasing Self Worth, Self Love, and Self Esteem

If you need guidance and support in making positive changes in your life, achieving your goals, increasing self worth and self confidence, de-stressing and simplifying your life, and reprogramming limiting beliefs that hold you back, book free 30-min discovery call via Zoom or Skype with me, to learn more about this life coaching program and how I can help you in your transformational journey.

Life Coach can help you achieve much more in less time, than if you would do it on your own (statistics from the American Society for Training and Development provide insight that a person’s probability of achieving a goal increases from 50% to 95% when one has a coach/mentor to keep the him/her accountable and helps putting the idea and plan into action!)

Life Coaching Process

Step 1:

Identifying the limiting beliefs, de-stressing and simplifying your life, getting clarity on your goals and how you can achieve them.

Step 2

Reprogramming subconscious mind (limiting beliefs) with NLP, EFT, EI, LOA, journaling exercises, and mental imagery.

Step 3

Increasing self worth and self confidence, practicing self empowerment, making positive changes in life.

Step 4

Unlocking the power of your subconscious mind, achieving and witnessing deep level transformation of your mindset and your life.

'Life coaching is the process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals through developing skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment.'

- J. Passmore


Live Coaching Calls

Bi-weekly (45-min long) private coaching sessions (over Skype or Zoom) where we address every belief, thought, habit, and self doubt that is holding you back and stuck


E-mail Support

E-mail support in-between sessions, to enable you to be supported in the process, have all your burning questions answered, and take the most productive steps forward



Reprogramming limiting beliefs, simplifying your life, and increasing self worth and confidence will make a profound impact in every area of your life


What they are Saying

'Danijela helped me to Overcome Self Doubt, reprogram limiting beliefs, and achieve my dream!'

Anđela Sudžukovic, Women Empowerment Coach (Slovenia)

I was skeptical as to how effectively a life coach could help me?!

"I was skeptical as to how effectively a life coach could help me. I was not sure how I could trust someone who doesn't know me to break my habits, and help me with reframing and removing my self limiting beliefs. Danijela, you helped me make the changes that I didn't know I had to make and you did it with love. I didn't know I was imprisoning myself and harvesting poison. With your kindness but firm techniques, with tools and reassurances, I managed to find a new level of contentment. I made room for things that really matter to me and as a result I have now started to realise my dreams and enjoy my children a lot more. I also realised that people can look after themselves if I have to turn my back on them or say NO! to them. I didn't realised that life coaching with Danijela would be one of the best investment gifts for myself. I am truly blessed to have stumbled into her. She made me light. I am attracted to good fortune, calm, and abundance around me. Thank you Danijela!"
H. Taib-Walker
CEO, brunei

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I need to apply for Discovery call?

I’m here to help, and I’d work with you ONLY if this program is the right choice for you. During the discovery call, I will be able to get to know more in detail about your challenges and how I can help you. You can also ask any questions that you may have about the life coaching program. 

What If I Can Not attend The Session?

In case you are traveling, recovering from an illness, taking a health treatment, or having work related engagement, we can postpone the session for another week. You will get the exact number of sessions included in the coaching program. 

When We Would Have Coaching Calls?

We would conduct the coaching session at particular time and day of the week (Monday to Friday), which would be convenient for both sides. In case of time zone difference, we would agree on the  timing that works for both of us.

Is There A Discretion (Privacy) Policy?

Yes! Your name or any other details you share during the program will not be shared (unless YOU decide to give a written permission to share any information, or a  testimonial). 

Are There Any Additional Fees?

No! The price stated on the website is the cost of the entire program and covers all coaching sessions included, printable worksheets given throughout the program, and e-mail support. 

How Do I Pay? Can I Get The Refund?

Payments are made via PayPal, credit card, or debit card. Monthly payment method is available (please refer to the pricing section above).  Money paid for the program is not refundable!

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