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De-Stress, Detox and Simplify Your

Imagine if you could do less and achieve more, and carve out more time for self-care, wellness, and family. 

I get it....

Life can feel

If you are an ambitious woman, wanting to have it all – a successful career, a supportive partner, time for family, travel, and your personal and spiritual growth — this is for you. You have no problem being motivated because you are filled with a desire to live your dreams, attain the highest level of success, and make an impact in the world. 

However, your body will eventually tell you that you need to slow down. I’ve been there myself: burned out, overwhelmed, exhausted, experiencing memory clogging, hormonal disbalance, blood pressure fluctuations, vitamin deficienciesIf your body is also giving you signals that it is time to slow down and make significant changes in your life, this life coaching program can help you! 

Are you struggling with....

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how life coaching can help you to reduce stress

Working with a life coach can help you not only to achieve your goals, but also to improve your overall well-being, resilience, and reduce stress (as confirmed in psychology research studies performed by Anthony Grant, Ph.D., director of the Coaching Psychology Unit of the School of Psychology, University of Sydney). A Life Coach can help you achieve much more in less time than if you were to do it on your own (statistics from the American Society for Training and Development provide insight that a person’s probability of achieving a goal increases from 50% to 95% when one has a coach/mentor to keep him/her accountable and help put the idea and plan into action).



During the life coaching program, you will learn how to be more productive while doing less.

I have helped even the busiest CEOs and CFOs to carve more free time, and I can help you too!

You will not need to spend your precious time on things that are not productive and meaningful.

You can carve more time for partner, kids, self-care, wellness, travel, and things you enjoy.

Life Coaching Process


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Freeing Up and Planning Your Time

This week, we will identify the tasks that you can automate, delegate, or eliminate from your schedule in order to have more time for self-care, personal growth, and family.

  • Identifying the best type of planner and planning method for you
  • Freeing up more of your time and organising your day and week
  • Setting boundaries delegating, automating, and eliminating


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decluttering and Simplifying your life

Your time is too precious to spend it on searching for things, doing unproductive chores, digging through your email inbox, and rushing through the day from one thing to another.

  • Simplifying your daily activities
  • Decluterring your space
  • Digital decluttering



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Doing Less and Achieving More

This week, we will look into how you can leverage your time, money, resources, technology, and network exponentially, and be more productive so that you can get more done in less time.

  • Maximising the time and resources available 
  • Passive income and growth opportunities 
  • Productivity hacks


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Self Love, Self Care and Wellness

This week we will create and plan recharging and nurturing self-care rituals for you and get important health check-ups. We will also focus on eight dimensions of wellness (emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and social).

  • Adopting healthier habits (easy way) and de-toxifying your space
  • Self-care routine that doesn’t take (too)much time.
  • Body movement routine that you will enjoy 



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Mindfulness Practice and Morning Routine

Mindfulness can help with reducing stress and preventing burn out. A quick, healthy breakfast and a 15-minute morning routine will help you start the day calmly and stay focused and productive throughout the day.

  • Mindfulness and slow breathing exercises
  • Creating a calm and productive 15-minute morning routine
  • Exploring options for a quick, healthy breakfast



life coaching session 6

De-stressing and de-toxifying your home

This week I will help you to turn your home into a place where you can truly relax and recharge. We will also look into different ways you can detox your home, your skincare routine, and your diet so that you have more vitality and energy.

  • Rituals and practises for making your home into a relaxing oasis
  • Detoxing your home from harmful chemicals
  • De-toxing your diet and skincare routine

"Danijela’s work has inspired hundreds of  our ladies!"

‘Danijela’s work has inspired hundreds of  our ladies to take action in different areas of their life. She truly has a way of relating to women from all over the world with her personal stories and practical advice. We are so honoured to have a woman who actually LIVES her teaching as one of the authors. It’s rare that you meet someone who has a genuine sense of service like her!’

- Christal Fuentes, Founder Of www.theladiescoach.com

About The Coaching Program


8 Weeks Long

You get 2 biweekly and 4 weekly private 1-on-1 life coaching calls (over Skype, FaceTime or Zoom) and e-mail support throughout the 8 weeks.


E-mail Support

E-mail support in between sessions (weekday working hours), to ensure you are supported in the process and to have all your burning questions answered.

coaching calls

6 Private Coaching Calls

You get 2 biweekly + 4 weekly private life coaching calls (over Skype, FaceTime or Zoom) during which we address every task and habit that is inducing stress.

'I was skeptical as to how effectively a life coach could help me!

“I was skeptical as to how effectively a life coach could help me. I was not sure how I could trust someone who doesn’t know me to break my habits, and help me with reframing and removing my self limiting beliefs. Danijela, you helped me make the changes that I didn’t know I had to make and you did it with love. I didn’t know I was imprisoning myself and harvesting poison. With your kindness but firm techniques, with tools and reassurances, I managed to find a new level of contentment. I made room for things that really matter to me and as a result I have now started to realise my dreams and enjoy my children a lot more. I also realised that people can look after themselves if I have to turn my back on them or say ‘NO’ to them. I didn’t realised that life coaching with Danijela would be one of the best investment gifts for myself. I am truly blessed to have stumbled into her. She made me light. I am attracted to good fortune, calm, and abundance around me.”

- H. Taib-Walker, CEo

Why Work With Me?

I am Danijela Jokic Vaislay, certified life coach and author of the "Self Worth' book and 300+ articles on personal growth, published in multiple languages. I have helped hundreds of women over the years to change their lives and coached over a hundred CFOs, CEOs, managers, and business owners internationally. My articles and advice on success, happiness, and building confidence were published in various magazines, including COSMOPOLITAN, SENSA, The Times of India, et al. My prior medical education assists me in guiding my clients to incorporate wellness into their lives and adopt a healthier lifestyle.


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Internationally Over the years


Seven months prior [to coaching], I was feeling lost and confused. Danijela helped me to transform my life, get clear on what I wanted to do, and achieve my dream. Danijela helped me to overcome my limiting beliefs and bring into awareness how my early childhood experiences have affected my life, self worth, and relationships. I did not know that I would get so much from life coaching. I even started working on improving my health! Even if I invested double the amount of money that I have, it would have been worth it! I wholeheartedly recommend that you work with Danijela!

- angela sudzukovic, inner child healing coach

your investment

Please Book Free 30-min Discovery Call Before Enrolling

US$ 299

Group Coaching

Group coaching program over Zoom, with a supportive group of other women with the same goals. 2 bi-weekly + 4 weekly life coaching calls + e-mail support.

US$ 599

6 X 60-min Sessions

2 bi-weekly + 4 weekly (60-minute) private 1-on-1 coaching calls over Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime + e-mail support throughout the coaching program.


6 X 60-min Sessions

2 bi-weekly + 4 weekly (60-minute) private 1-on-1 coaching calls over Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime + e-mail support throughout the coaching program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I need to apply for discover call?

I’d agree to work with you only if this program is the right choice for you. During the discovery call, I will be able to learn more in detail about your challenges and how I can help you. You can also ask any questions and get more information about the coaching program. 

What If I Cannot attend Coaching Call?

We can reschedule the session for another week if you are traveling, recovering from an illness, undergoing medical treatment, or have an urgent work-related engagement. You will get the exact number of sessions included in the coaching program. 

When We Would Have Coaching Calls?

We would plan the coaching sessions at a particular time and day of the week (Monday to Saturday), which would be convenient for both sides. In the case of a time zone difference, we would agree on a timing that works for both of us.

Is There A Privacy Policy?

Yes! Your name or any other details you share during the program will not be shared (unless you decide to give written permission to share any information, or a testimonial). 

Are There Any Additional Fees?

No! The price stated on the website is the cost of the entire program and covers all coaching sessions, including printable worksheets given throughout the program, and e-mail support. 

How Can I Pay For The Program?

Payments are made via PayPal, credit card, or debit card. A monthly payment method is currently not available. There is no refund policy. Please book the discovery call before making a decision.

Can You Guarantee The results?

A life coach can guide you through the process of your personal transformation, but you are required to take the action steps and make positive changes in your life. Therefore, I cannot guarantee the results, but I can promise you that I will give my best to guide you through the process.

Radite li na S/H/B jeziku?

Da. Možemo imati life coaching sesije na hrvatskom, srpskom, ili bosanskom jeziku, kao i na engleskom jeziku. Osim ovog life coaching programa, možete se prijaviti za mjesečne grupne life coaching sesije koje vodim s mojom mentoricom putem Skype-a, klikom na ovaj link

Is There A Money Refund Policy?

Because this program consists of live coaching calls and I am investing a lot of my time in supporting you throughout the process, there is no refund policy. Please book the discovery call before making a decision about enrolling and ask any questions you may have.

Book Free 30-minute Dicovery Call

Book a free 30 minute clarity call via the contact form below or via email: contact@danijelajokicvaislay.com to explore if this life coaching program is the right fit for you.