Previously, while I was on vacation my work would stop and my income would dip, but this year…

Just a few years ago, going on vacation meant no marketing activity + no client calls + no new clients enrolling = no income. Summer used to be a ‘dry’ period in my coaching business for years. As I started adding passive income streams to my business, last year for the first time I had the experience of earning money while I was on vacation, traveling – and not actively working. This year, though, not only that I was being able to earn money while I was on vacation and off work, but I also had one of the most profitable months! Not only that, but thanks to the automation tools that I’m using, while I was on vacation, new podcast episodes and articles were being published on a regular schedule, as well as the content on social media. 

I was able not only to earn income, but also to make an impact while I was on vacation – people were enrolling in my online courses, reading my books, listening to the podcast episodes, and reading my articles, newsletters, blog posts. Even though I was on vacation and not actively working, I was still able to help, educate, inspire, motivate, coach, and teach.

While I was vacation in Turkey this year, I took some time to contemplate by the pool about the first year half and how my life has changed comparing to the same time in previous years. 

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How much my life has changed. 

How the way I run my business has changed.

Being able to earn money while watching the new season of the Witcher, flying in the plane, sleeping, or being on vacation.

Receiving the payment notifications in my inbox while I’m on vacation.

My marketing activity and techie stuff running on autopilot while I’m on vacation.

Having one of the most profitable months while on vacation. 

Making an impact while I’m on vacation. 

Build the life you do not need vacation from’ – we can see this phrase often on social media, but I believe, teach, and preach in ‘building’ the life/business you are excited to return to – vacation should not be a short term escape from our problems and stressful life we dread returning to.

Looking back, if I was not so committed to the money mindset work, if during the Cov number of 1 on 1 clients did not plummet, and if I was not getting sick so often in the previous two and half years – I might not have made the steps that helped me to be at the place where I am right now. I might not have read 100 books on money. I might not have created various passive income streams. I would not have had to delegate/outsource and automate so much in my business. I would also not have this level of freedom in my life and my business that I have now.

What if instead of waiting for crisis to appear or life circumstances to change (health challenges, economic crisis, sudden market fluctuations/industry shifts, pregnancy, et al.) we consciously work on building more ease and more freedom in our life/career/business – be it by increasing our financial literacy, investing, creating passive income streams, learning relevant trending high income skills, or implementing the systems/tech in our business so that it can run without us (at least for some time – while we are lying sick in bed or traveling on vacation) and survive/thrive during the times of ‘uncertainty’?

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Vacations are a good time to reflect on our life as by detaching ourselves from our every day environment and habitual behavior we are experiencing a temporary ‘pattern interrupt’ – we can see things from a different perspective, and we have some quiet time to actually do it. 

If you happen to be on vacation, take some time to reflect on your life, career/business, values, and goals. Where are you now comparing to this time last year, or five years ago? Where do you want to be by the end of the year, this time next year, or in the next five years? Have you been committed and consistent with your New Year’s resolutions? How can you create more freedom in your life/business?

After all, whatever luxurious, peaceful or adventurous, or recharging the vacation is – it’s just a temporary time out from the life, business, or a job we need to return to afterward. Vacations are one of life’s pleasures and soul fulfilling experiences – they should not be an ‘escape’ from an ordinary, boring, stressful, unfulfilling life we dread returning to, but rather the part of our EXTRA-ordinary life/business that we get to enjoy.

If you want to create more spaciousness and freedom in your life/business, my work is for you.