How To Destress and simplify your life

In this blog post, I am sharing three steps you can take to destress and simplify your life:

1. Declutter and Organise Your Space

I love the teaching of Bob Proctor about The Law Of Vacuum in the Universe. Universe tends to fill the vacuum – empty space. If we keep our physical space stuffed and filled – we are not creating the space for the new things, prosperity, ideas, people, and abundance to come in our life. 

Universal Law Of Vacuum states that “The Universe abhors a vacuum”.

Whatever you want to attract in your life, contemplate if you have created the SPACE for that same thing? Do you have the empty time for new clients, business deals, projects… to come? Do you have an empty shelf in your home for your new desired partner to come? Do you have a space in your home for new pieces of furniture, new clothes, or new things to come? 

Create the in life.

Declutter your life one thing the time. Take out all the clothes from your closet. Examine them and then contemplate on how often are you wearing every single item. How much do you love every single piece? How does wearing those clothes make you feel? Excited, confident, comfortable, happy… or blah? If there is anything that you did not wear for a long time? If yes, chose to donate or gift it away to someone who needs it more than you do. Do the same things with your cosmetic products – use up the open stuff, throw away what got dry or expired, and leave only the products you use often. 

Then declutter the kitchen – get rid of  groceries with expired date, pots you do not use, extra cutlery and “decorative stuff” which serve no purpose. Make meals with groceries and spices that you already have – instead of buying new food produce. Store the groceries in transparent glass jars – so that you can see all the things you have and how much of it you have. Put all the things that you use for preparing breakfast at on place  in the kitchen. Organised kitchen means less time spent on preparing food and cleaning  up afterwards. 

Declutter your work space as well. Leave only things that you really use and need. Declutter your desktop and arrange your folders. Unsubscribe from every newsletter that you do not love, adore, find immensely educational or useful, or read often. That way you will have less e-mails coming in your inbox – to read. 

“When we reduce what we own and essentially ‘detox our house’ it has a detox effect on our bodies as well!” (Marie Kondo)

After you do a major clean up, make a commitment to yourself to unpack, use, and enjoy the things that you were stacking, storing, and keeping for a long time for a “special occasion”. For examples, perfume bottles, scented candles, beautiful plates and cutlery, mugs, little black dress (or fancy long dress).  Every day is a special occasion if you are alive and healthy, not to mention surrounded by people that you love. Treat yourself like you would treat the special guest, because you are worth it and YOU deserve it! Celebrate every day of your life as a special occasion, and every day will feel special and magical. Remember,  people are to be kept, and things are to be used!

Before I buy anything new, ask yourself:  “Do I really need it? Will this simplify my life? Will I use it (often)? How using (or wearing) this will make me feel?”  You can also contemplate on the real reason why you want to buy something new: because it’s cheap or discounted, because you want to prove your worth, or fill the emotional void within, or because you really need and like it? It will help you to be a more conscious consumer and also to buy less things, of better quality, which will last longer, and serve you well. I suggest watching ‘Tidying Up With Marie Condo‘ Netflix Show.

organised and decluttered space

2. Organise Your Time and Get Some Vitamin N

Stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances“. Simply said, stress is a mental or emotional state of tension which is the result of having too many things to do, and too less time. The fundamental stress removing factor is, therefor, freeing up some of our time!

One of the biggest time consumers is the habit of saying YES to coffee and party invitations, or family gatherings, which we (deep down in heart) do not want to attend at the first place. Saying YES to something always means saying NO to something else! You have to get your priorities straight and eliminate all the activities that are not aligning with your highest and most important priorities!

A good planner can save you a huge amount of time, as long you commit to use it on a daily basis. It takes 5 minutes in the morning to write down your goals and tasks for the day. All of my life coaching clients told me that planning their day in the morning helped them manage their time better, accomplish everything that they were supposed to do, and be much more productive. 

reaxed body =

When you want to relax, you can burn some lavender essential  oil in the diffuser. Drinking water with mint leaves can help you to be more focused and productive during the day, as well as drinking mint tea. If your body is in tension, so will be your mind. Yoga, pilates, stretching, swimming, having a hot bath, or getting a massage, can help you to relax physically and mentally at the same time. 

spend more time in

In the book “Nature Principle” the author Richard Louv  shared the scientific studies which show the correlation between time spent in nature, or even with a view of the park or a tree and people’s mental and physical health. Research has shown that couples who are living surrounded by nature and green plants and trees fight less, children who have the window view on the trees and green plants perform better at school and can focus better on the subject, patients who have the window view on the trees or green plants recover faster from the disease, people who have the window view to the green trees and plants or even plants in the office space can perform better at their work tasks.

Even if you live in a big city, spending some time in the park and or incorporating some green plants in your home can give huge benefits. The author has called this healing and calming effect of nature – Vitamin N, as the connection with nature is essential to us humans just like the vitamins in our body. When you feel the need to ground and calm down – get out in the park, or spend some time connecting with nature, or taking care of your house plants.

3. Detox Your Environment 

Burning essential oils in home works as 100% natural air refresher and it also purifies the air. Essential oils of tea tree and lemon have antibacterial properties as well. Burning dry (sustainably harvested) sage leaves or smudging sticks is another way of purifying the air, and it is also believed to remove negative energy in the space. 

Avoid storing food in plastic containers, because most of them contain toxic BPA ingredient (especially storing hot food). Swap plastic containers and pots with glass jars and containers, and metal boxes in the kitchen. Whenever you can buy alternative to plastic, go plastic free.  Give preference to vegetables and fruits that are naked and not packed in plastic boxes or wraps.

Carry your own cloth bag when you go for shopping. Less plastic we use, less toxic substance we consume and less of it ends up in the landfills and oceans for many generation to come. Carry your own glass or metal reusable bottle (nowadays beautiful bottles with crystal in it for infusing the water are available as well!), instead of drinking water from plastic bottles. Incorporate more natural products for cleaning home, such as dish plastic free washing blocks and wooden brushes, vinegar, baking soda, essential oils… They are cheaper, better for the planet, and better for your health! 

You can also get a Himalayan salt lamp in your home and incorporate some green plants into your decor. Prefer to use non-toxic skin care products as much as you can, and to eat cleaner and organically grown food. I suggest watching Netflix documentaries ‘A Plastic Ocean’, ‘Mission Blue’, and “Kiss The Earth’, and ‘Breaking Boundaries‘, for more inspiration. 

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