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Praise For The 'self worth' Book

In this book, Danijela shared how low self worth can lead to forming limiting beliefs about ourselves, and be the root cause of low self respect and self esteem, as well as the root cause of a lack of self love. Danijela also shows how low self worth can lead to workaholism, perfectionism, self sabotage, impostor syndrome, and even self punishment. Danijela shared in this book numerous examples of our everyday communication and internal dialogs. Negative, self-deprecating, and self-limiting communication.She reminds us that the words we use are powerful, and that everything we say is an affirmation. I recommend the “Self Worth” book to everyone who wants to dive deep into the self discovery process, in a genuine, true, deep, pure, and humane way. Dive into the journey of exploring and strengthening your self worth with Danijela’s help in this book! “

- vanja beukelman pavlovic, life coach

Praise For The 'self worth' Book

“I’d recommend the ‘Self Worth’ book to every woman out there! This book gives you the possibility of returning to the wholeness of your dignity as a human being, when you discover how worthy you are. Then, as self-aware individuals, we can focus on building better relationships and being fabulous creators. I wish I had read this book when I was younger. It would have helped me to avoid being taken advantage of by others and to love and value myself more!”

- Sanela Rakeljic

Praise For The 'self worth' Book

I’d recommend the ‘Self Worth’ book from the bottom of my heart. It takes you on the most wonderful journey -m the journey within yourself. I return to this book over and over again and each time, I learn something new about myself and strengthen my self worth. ” 

- Dubravka Fazlic, mindfulness coach