2024 will be the year of abundance

2023 was the year of stepping out of my comfort zone, healing, change, growth, and overflow. I improved my health, I moved twice, I celebrated 10 years anniversary of my web magazine, I had one of the most profitable months while I was on vacation, and my income was increasing, even though I was working less than previous year. 

The money mindset work that I have done over the years has paid off abundantly – I have became a magnet to abundance. Luxury cosmetic products, high level masterminds and mentorship, sparkling wine with 22-carat gold flakes, recurring income, passive income, payment notifications while on vacation – have become my norm, my standard, my new reality. There have been many times this year when I was just in owe for a moment for all the abundance that I am seeing in my life.

I was growing up during the war, and I witnessed a lot of scarcity during and after that time. I remember the times when I was very excited when I would see my late father coming home with a loaf of bread, or when I used to find a sweet item in the box of humanitarian help. Or when, after the war ended, the first chocolates came in the stores and I could buy (and eat) one. 

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Not surprisingly, once I started working on my money mindset, I discovered I had a LOT of limiting beliefs about money, and a lot of ‘blocks’ in receiving money (add low self worth onto my experiences from the childhood – not to mention ancestral scarcity patterns and traumas around money).

The money mindset and healing work has been one of the most challenging parts of my personal transformation journey, so for me to experience the abundance, overflow, opulence, and passive income at this level is not only about the material manifestations as much it is in witnessing the power of the transformation that this type of work can have.

Two major investments of my time and money that I made this year were in my health (acupuncture, cupping therapy, Ayurvedic supplements, energy healing…) and business mentorship. Both have paid off exponentially, as my health is now restored, and I recently had the most successful launch, while having the most fun I ever had in selling my coaching program.

Reflecting on the overflow of abundance and miracles that I have witnesses in 2023, I decided that 2024 is going to be the ‘year of abundance’. I want to share my insights and all the tools that have helped me over the years to go from under-earning, scarcity, and Saturnine limitations to abundance, Jupiterian overflow, and receiving payment notifications even while I’m sleeping, on vacation, or watching Netflix.

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I recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of my magazine with the virtual Zoom party and free video training on principles of abundance. I launched a new coaching and program called ‘Akademija Obilja’ (‘Abundance Academy‘ in my native language) with my mentor Vanja Beukelman Pavlovic. I also decided to name my new podcast ‘Abundance Magic’, and I will write a lot this year on my blog, newsletter, and articles about the topic of – abundance.

If you want to magnetise more abundance in 2024 – my blog, my upcoming coaching programs, my upcoming podcast, my upcoming masterclasses and courses – are for YOU.

The level your life and/or business will change, up-level, or expand in the new year will reflect the level you are willing to change, up-level your standards, and expand.

What do you desire to transform, achieve, manifest, and create in the New Year? Are you ready to up-level, expand, and embrace the new?