10 things to let go of in 2020

Although in many countries quarantine is still required, I think that collectively we all feel better and relieved that the year 2020 is behind us. Last year was a tough Saturnian teacher that taught us many life lessons through the restrictions and limitations, slowing down, and making us reflect on our collective actions, global environmental and karmic consequences of our choices, and where in life we have been living inauthentically to who we are and our values. 2020 was the year that made us see the harsh reality of life, without the glasses of self-created illusions, and means of escape in the form of socialising, traveling, shopping, partying, and for some even going to the office.

Closed in with family members and our spouses, or alone, without means of any escape ‘to work’, to ‘friends’, to shopping malls, to the next travel destination, to the next party, we were forced to truly experience what it is like to spend so much time home alone? Do we feel good just on our own? Can we be our own best friend? Can we enjoy the time for self and practice self-care, or “Netflix and chill”, or feel terrifying loneliness deep within and crave for another human to fill the void, which only we could fill in the first place?

Once we had time to spend on our own, relax, and go within, did we get any creative ideas, which could not come to us in the midst of all ‘social distractions’ and ‘things to do’, prior to 2020? We did realize we are ‘good’ on our own.

What was it like to spend ‘all the time’ with our partner? Did it feel like a romantic ‘staycation’, or did we realise that we actually do not have ‘much in common’, or we did not enjoy their company as much as we were convincing ourselves that we did? Did we realise that our relationship or our marriage was the biggest mistake of our life, in the midst of all the fighting or feeling all alone, unsupported, and misunderstood, even while spending all the time with our partner next to us?

What about our friends, family, and other ‘relations’? Did we feel relieved that we ‘did not have to’ meet certain people? Which people did we truly miss meeting during 2020? If nothing else, 2020 made us ‘look the truth in the face’ when it came to our relationships and who are the people that really matter in our life.

Some people realised their life was pretty much the same prior to lockdown as it was during the lockdown. For some people, it was a ‘wakeup call’, while others rejoiced in their ‘usual’ life and work routine, without the pressure of ‘socialising’.

For some people, such as doctors, nurses, firefighters, and others who were full time engaged in providing help and relief to people during challenging times, 2020 was a year of sacrifice and contribution that will be remembered and honoured.

2020 was the year that had us face not only our self-created illusions, but also excuses. One of the biggest excuses that I hear as a life coach from people on why they are not working on their goals is that ‘there is not enough time’. 2020 gave to many of us ‘all the time that we needed’. How did we use that time?

How did we react to all the challenges rising up in the world? Did we react from a standpoint of a helpless victim, or did we act? Did we ask ourselves: ‘Who am I to do/ change something?’ Or did we ask ourselves “How can I do/ change something?’

Some people were ‘forced’ to learn new things and skills, or change their lifestyle. Here in India, in most of the homes there were servants available (cooks, cleaners, ironers…) that were in charge of the daily chores, until the quarantine started. During the lockdown, some women I know had to learn how to cook meals on their own. I got to know that in many homes, husbands and children started helping women in doing house chores, which helped families and spouses bond deeper. Many IT sector employees who were working in polluted Delhi, since the lockdown opportunity to work from home, could move back to their native region and spend more time with their family.

For some women, this was the first time in many years that they did not buy a new dress for six months or longer. Many people had time to declutter in 2020 and realised they had so much stuff that they did not wear, use, or need. Many people had a ‘wake up’ call, after realising how staying at home on Sundays instead of visiting shopping malls and buying on ‘discounts’ had reduced their monthly expenses significantly.

We’ve seen the drop down in CO2 emissions all over the world. We’ve seen animals roaming free on streets, finally unafraid of their biggest ‘threat’ – humans.

Year 2020 for some of my coaching clients was the best year ever. They finally stepped up into their power, changed careers, or changed their life and started living more authentically to who they are. Many women enrolled in coaching programs, wrote their books, started charity programs, offering their services online, or writing their blog (as they finally ‘had the time’). On the other hand, we could witness so many people suffering, and global health, economic, and environmental crises rising like never before.

For me, 2020 was one of the greatest Saturnian teachers. It pushed me to go above and beyond what I thought was possible for me, with the desire to contribute more. It made me realise that we cannot make big positive change in the world if we are keeping ourselves small. It made me go deep within in quest for the answers to how can I contribute more, do more, be more, earn more, grow more, create more, in order to help more people and help the planet.

2020 opened my eyes again on how important financial empowerment really is. 2020 affected poor people the most. People like servants in Indian homes who could not work. People in slums. People who were dependent on charities, who did not receive sufficient funds during these times. Artists and performers who depended on performing in theatres or for tourists. Many people have lost their jobs, including a person really close to me. Shops have been closing, and business which did not have an online retail service, or delivery options were shutting down. Animal shelters and conservation resorts which are dependent on donations were struggling to feed and protect the animals. 

People all over the world were getting sick, dying, and being evacuated from their homes due to consuming fires, or shattering earthquakes. Mother Earth was literally burning. Added to that, plastic pollution was consuming the planet. Being passionate about saving the environment and an activist for more than a decade, while also witnessing all the suffering people were going through, and the planet was going trough, I had to ask myself what can I do? How can I contribute? How can I help? I sat down, and wrote down all the ways I could help and contribute. I also reflected back on the ways I am not contributing enough, or how my actions might be perpetuating the problem.

I realised how crucial part of the change that I wanted to make was the money. If I truly wanted to make the change that I wanted to see in the world, I would need to support more green businesses, more zero waste companies, more ethical business. I’d need to buy more plastic free, fair trade, ethically sourced and made organic products. I’d need to support more charities that help in recycling and reusing plastic waste. I’d need to support more animal shelters with bigger donations. I’d need to support more organisations that are building schools in which children from the poorest families in India and Africa can get educated. I’d need to support organisations and companies that are planting more trees, and use regenerative organic farming processes. I’d need to financially support more people who I love and care about deeply, who lost their jobs, or their scholarship in 2020. 

To be able to do that, I realised that I had to increase my income exponentially and scale my coaching business. I had to step up as a leader, and a change maker. I had to not only myself experience financial prosperity beyond my wildest dreams, but also, help other women to achieve the same. I had to get my message in front of more women. I had to help more women and make a bigger impact in the world. I had to help more change makers rise. I had to help more life coaches, and spiritual entrepreneurs. Green entrepreneurs. I also had to be a better advocate for plastic-free lifestyle.

I decided to take action like never before. I started writing blog posts on plastic free living, to spread awareness. I changed my consumer choices drastically. I wrote a book on increasing self-worth, I created two online courses. I started group coaching programs. I started working on a project with my mentor, that will require both of us to step up fully as leaders and mentors.

I read over 60 books on money, money mindset, and attracting prosperity. I took massive actions in terms of my finances in 2020. I did a lot of money mindset work. I truly committed to financial freedom and prosperity, as I realised that it is the fastest and most effective way for me to contribute more in the world.

Looking back now, 2020 was financially my most successful and empowering year. Once I committed to financial freedom, and to contribute more to the world, the Universe blessed me with so many creative ideas and opportunities to earn money and scale my business.

With all that is happening in the world, and that we’ve experienced in 2020, now more than ever it is important that no matter what work we do, we focus on our financial empowerment, creating multiple income streams, and passive income streams. Not only to support ourselves and our loved ones, during these turbulent times, but also in order to make better consumer choices, and contribute more money to people, charities, and organisations who need it the most.

In 2021, I am determined more than ever to continue the work that I started in 2020, and integrate mindset work and supporting and empowering other life coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs, green entrepreneurs, and women who want to make a positive impact in the world – in my work.  So that we all, collectively, can create a ripple effect of positive cages and co-create a more sustainable, abundant, happier, and conscious world together.

With 2020 behind us, we also need to make sure to leave behind negative energy, habits, and emotions that no longer serve us.Here are 10 things we need to leave behind in 2020:

1. Need To Be In Control Of Everything

2020 taught us how everything can change in a ‘sudden’ and how life can be unpredictable. It also taught us that we are strong enough to adjust and that we have much greater emotional and mental resilience than we thought. It has also helped us to strengthen our emotional and mental resilience.

2. Waiting For The ‘Perfect Life’

I often tell my clients that it is not realistic to expect that our life will ‘one day’ be perfect. Even if we achieve everything we ever wanted in our career, and we are content with our life and our relationships, there are still so many things that we cannot control. Flights get canceled, we can get stuck in traffic, someone may show up late or not show up at all in an important meeting, someone we love may lose their job, or transition. 2020 taught us that even the quarantine can happen on a global scale and that all of our plans for the year can get ‘canceled’ in a week. 2020 also taught us that no matter how ‘imperfect’ life may seem, we need to learn how to adjust, improvise, learn, grow, and make the best out of the situation.

3. Toxic And Inauthentic 


2020 brought us the opportunity to truly distinguish the people that do matter in our life, and to reflect on the quality of our relationships. Are there people you were happy not to meet or people that made your life a living nightmare while living with them 24/7? In times like these, we need an authentic bond, and deep connection, instead of dragging dysfunctional and ‘empty’ relationships just out of fear of being alone.

4. Worrying About Things

We Can not Change

If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it’s not fixable, then there is no help in worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.” (Dalai Lama)

5. Clothing And Things we Do Not

Use, Need, Or Desire Any Longer

2020 had us reflect on our values and our priorities. Start your year by going over the things that you possess and reflecting why did you buy them in the first place, do you really need them, and do you really use them? If not, sell them, or donate them, to someone who does desire or need them. The Universal law Of Vacuum states, the Universe has a tendency to fill the empty space. By giving away the thing you no longer desire, need, or use, you will create the space for new things to come into your life this year, that will bring you joy. If you need help with the decluttering process, you can binge on “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” Netflix show.

6. Job Or Career That

Does Not Fulfil us

2020 had us reflect on our values and our priorities. Start your year by going over the things that you possess and reflecting why did you buy them in the first place, do you really need them, and do you really use them? If not, sell them, or donate them, to someone who does desire or need them. The Universal law Of Vacuum states, the Universe has a tendency to fill the empty space. By giving away the thing you no longer desire, need, or use, you will create the space for new things to come into your life this year, that will bring you joy. If you need help with the decluttering process, you can binge on “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” Netflix show.

7. Over-Scheduling our Life

They say that after 2020 nothing will ever be the same. I hope that is true when it comes to time management. As a life coach, helping people to better plan, organised and manage their time has been one of my first and major tasks, as we cannot change anything in our life for the better in our health, career, or relationships, or truly devote to our personal growth and spiritual practice, if we are all the time busy. 2020 gave us the gift of having more time available than ever, as many of the things that kept us busy before were suddenly cancelled. Once this is all over, we need to have in mind how much we can do, create, thrive, and grow, if we allow ourselves to ‘miss out’ on Sunday shopping out of boredom or a habit, ‘social gathering’ that we did not want to attend at the first place, or one more party or ‘favour; that we should say NO to.

8. Keeping ourselves Small

Like Michael Bernard Beckwith would wisely say: “You cannot shine your light in the world, if you cannot pay your electricity bill”.

If you keep yourself small, you are doing disservice not only to yourself, clients and people to whom you can help with your gifts, talents, and skills, but also to the world. Self-doubt (“I’m not good enough”), ego tripping (“Who am I to be a life coach, spiritual teacher, environmental activist, ________?”), and perfectionism does not serve us or the world during these turbulent times.

The world doesn’t need more ‘perfect’ people. With this global health, economic, and ecological crisis, that we are facing right now, the world needs more people who will make the positive difference in the world, Visionaries, inventors, life coaches, business coaches, health coaches, mindfulness trainers, wellness educators, sustainability educators and influencers, therapists, mental health experts, entrepreneurs, ethical businesses, ethical and sustainable brands, authentic marketing experts, healers, astrologers, counsellors, artists, bloggers, motivational speakers, yoga instructors, creative designers, Feng Shui experts, educational websites, inspiring art, comforting poetry, educational, inspirational, and self-help books, social-cultural projects, creative ideas and solutions.

9. Neglecting our Physical Health

2020 taught us the importance of having a strong immune system and body that can cope with a disease. It also gave us more time we’ve ever had for self-care. It made us set our health and wellbeing as our priority, which should have always been the case. I have had many clients who were very successful, but could not enjoy their success due to poor health and having to run to hospital every once in a while. That was the time that made them put their wellbeing and happiness as a priority, make positive changes in their life, and hire a life coach. We should not wait for a ‘wake up’ call at the hospital or of pandemic, to start paying more attention to our self-care, health care, and overall well-being. Those are the practices that we should cherish and give priority to every single day of our life. 

We have a lot of work to do in 2021. The world needs us to step up as leaders, helpers, and change makers. The world needs us to get out of our comfort zone, rise and shine and thrive, so that we can contribute more and co-create a better world that we want to see.

With a lot of sage, energy clearing work, breath work, meditation, crystals, decluttering, re-setting, and letting go rituals and practices, we are leaving behind what does not serve us. We commit to thrive in 2021. We commit to shine our light in the world. Because we matter. Our work and our contribution to the world matter. Our consumer choices matter. Because, if not now, when?

10. living unsustainably 

We are no longer talking about the climate change – we re talking about the climate threat! It was heart breaking to watch and witness the devastating effect of the global warming – floods and wildfires all over the globe. It was heart breaking for me to watch the devastating effect of the overconsumption of plastic on animal and marine life in the Netflix documentaries ‘A Plastic Ocean’ and ‘Mission Blue’. I’ve been environmental activist since college days, and I am a Zero Waste advocate, but now more than ever it is important for every one of us to adopt, support, and promote sustainability, live more eco-friendly, and practice conscious consumerism, so that we can co-create better and more sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come. 

I hope this post serves you. With love,